Below is our Production Step Once we receive the down payment, our craftsmen ready to
start working on your order. We have a hundreds of craftsmen in Jepara who
are ready to work on French furniture products with detailed carvings.
Carver / Craftsmen Once we receive the goods from the craftsmen our quality
control will check every item that comes in. We check the quality of wood
used, construction, and detail carving. If the item does not fit the
company’s standards, then the goods will be serviced with the supervision of
our quality control.
Quality Control After the goods pass the quality control, our furniture will
enter into the insect killer pool containing insect repellent fluid. This we
do to prevent and kill insects that attack mahogany wood.
Insect Killer Pool Once we finish with the insect killer pool progress, we will
enter the furniture into the kiln dry room until the moisture content below
Kiln Dry Room And after leaving the kiln dry room, in case of damage to the
construction, or cracks in the furniture, then we will do the service again
until our product is really ready for the sanding process.
Service The next stage is the process of sanding and finishing
progress. In this stage, we have 7 – 9 steps before top coating. the steps
are combination of basic coloring, sanding, and coloring.
Sanding & Coloring After we are done with coloring progress, we will check every
single items to make sure we have the same color in each items before we do
the top coating.
Top Coating The final stage of finishing progress is top coating.
Packing This is the last process of our production process.For packing, we have 2 choices, which uses plain paper and
use the packing box.
If using a box, we will charge extra for the box.
Furniture Ready to Ship Once the your order is complete all the step above, we will
ship the items to you.